Theocracy - Mosaic (2LP Orange/Black Marbled Vinyl)

Theocracy - Mosaic (2LP Orange/Black Marbled Vinyl)

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Theocracy - Mosaic (2LP Orange/Black Marbled Vinyl)
Atomic Fire Records 2023

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Update Oct 23rd: We received the vinyl copies to our warehouse and all pre-orders are shipped out today!

2LP Orange/Black Marbled Vinyl limited to 500 copies.

Track listing
01. Flicker
02. Anonymus
03. Mosaic
04. Sinsidious (The Dogs Of War)
05. Return To Dust
06. The Sixth Great Extinction
07. Deified
08. The Greatest Hope
09. Liar, Fool, Or Messiah
10. Red Sea

Do we really need to write a release description here? Other than: The wait is over! Another epic Theocracy album is here!

Ok ok.. here's the official product info from their new label:
The highly-anticipated new album by U.S. power/progressive metal act THEOCRACY (from Athens, GA, USA) is here. Seven years after the critically-acclaimed "Ghost Ship", mastermind Matt Smith and his band return with their new masterpiece, titled "Mosaic". THEOCRACY started in 2002 as a solo project of Smith, meanwhile it has turned into a real band with a steadily growing fanbase. Their rapid mixture of power- and progressive metal has become more and more unique over the years and is the result of a variety of influences. THEOCRACY’s sound will surely appeal to fans from Avantasia to Symphony X. Their outstanding grasp for strong melodies and fantastic arrangements are second to none.