Leah - Otherworld (CD edition)

Leah - Otherworld (CD edition)

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Leah - Otherworld (CD edition)
Inner Wound Recordings 2014 - IW83038

Track listing
01. Shores of Your Lies
02. The Northern Edge
03. Surrounded
04. Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep
05. Dreamland (feat. Eric Peterson)

This 5-song Celtic-metal masterpiece from Canadian artist LEAH takes you from the stormy shores of an ancient era.. to fantasy landscapes.. to the battlefield of love and loss. Cinematic character vocals from metal god Eric Peterson (Testament, Dragonlord) leave you electrified in his wake with an "echo's breath, a romance death!" Otherworld is where the ethereal and the brutal collide.

The artwork for "Otherworld" was created by Jan Yrlund at Darkgrove Design (Delain, Apocalyptica, Sirenia)